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Nalle Bunny Run Classroom

Nalle Bunny Run Classroom

Left to Right: Graham Patterson, David Fawcett, Sr., Andrew Plaisance, Chase VonDohlen, Rob Plowes (Eagle Advisor), and David Fawcett (Eagle Scout Candidate).

On February 2 the scouts of Troop 5 led by Eagle Scout Candidate, David Fawcett, constructed six stone benches for Hill Country Conservancy at the Nalle Bunny Run Hill Country Preserve. Over fifteen scouts volunteered their time to construct these benches. The construction took place over three Saturdays, as the scouts cleared the area, dug out the dirt, and laid the foundations for the limestone and lueder benches. These benches will be used by visitors of the Conservancy to meet and learn about the preserve and wildlife in area for years to come.

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