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Brockenbrough Ranch Closing!

Hill Country Conservancy, NRCS, and Travis County are proud to announce the permanent conservation of the historic Brockenbrough Ranch!

After more than three years working with landowner and rancher, Anne Brockenbrough, the 285-acre Brockenbrough Ranch will be preserved in perpetuity. This historic property in Eastern Travis County, located along the Wilbarger Creek Watershed, has been used for agricultural purposes for the last 160 years.

“After years of hard work from many parties, we are proud that this historic piece of our community is conserved forever,” said Executive Director, George Cofer. “When a project of this nature is completed, not only does it move our mission forward, but it is a great example of what can happen when a landowner recognizes the value of conservation in a rapidly developing environment.”

Thanks to help from you, supporters of Hill Country Conservancy, and funding from Heritage Title Company of Austin, Pam and Mike Reese, the Shield-Ayres Foundation, and the Still Water Foundation, we have furthered our mission to conserve open space in Central Texas. The completion of this project ensures the protection of the native wildlife habitat, scenic views, a significant quantity of high quality water to the Colorado River via Wilbarger Creek, and the agricultural heritage on this historic property, forever.

Read more about this project here, and read an interview with landowner Anne Brockenbrough here.

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