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THANK YOU to the volunteers who joined us for  National Trails Day on Saturday, June 6th. The Austin Parks Foundation, American Youthworks Texas Conservation Corps, and Hill Country Conservancy hosted the annual American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day volunteer workday on trails throughout Central Austin. Each year Austin participates by coordinating trail repair, improvement, and cleanup projects throughout the city.

To see photos once they are posted, check out our Facebook page!

SAVE THE DATE: National Public Lands Day is September 26th! We’ll be getting outside and getting our hands dirty to celebrate this national event.

In 2014, about 175,000 volunteers worked at 2,132 sites in every state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

In 2014 NPLD volunteers:

  • Collected an estimated 23,000 pounds of invasive plants
  • Built and maintained an estimated 1,500 miles of trails
  • Planted an estimated 100,000 trees, shrubs and other native plants
  • Removed an estimated 500 tons of trash from trails and other places
  • Contributed an estimated $18 million through volunteer services to improve public lands across the country

Seven federal agencies as well as nonprofit organizations and state, regional and local governments participate in the annual day of caring for public lands.

CCC Member at Camp Roos in 1933.National Public Lands Day keeps the promise of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the “tree army” that worked from 1933-1942 to preserve and protect America’s natural heritage.

NPLD educates Americans about the environment and natural resources, and the need for shared stewardship of these valued, irreplaceable lands. NPLD also builds partnerships between the public sector and the local community based upon mutual interests in the enhancement and restoration of America’s public lands