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Hill Country Conservancy relies on your support to continue our mission of conserving vast open spaces, natural and scenic vistas, aquifers and springs, rivers and streams, working farms and ranches, and the rural heritage of the Central Texas Hill Country – forever! Joining one of Hill Country Conservancy’s membership programs gives you the opportunity to learn about and explore the Texas Hill Country by engaging in special ranch tours, educational events, volunteer opportunities, and much more! All membership donations are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.

Just a few ways your membership supports HCC:

  • Conserve sensitive land and water in the Central Texas Region- forever
  • Ensure the permanent protection of vast open spaces
  • Assist with the restoration and rehabilitation of sensitive lands
  • Assist in the development of the Violet Crown Trail
  • Help provide valuable resources for our continued success

Become an HCC Member!

General HCC membership is for families and individuals interested making a real difference to protect the Hill Country and learn more about what this special region has to offer. Membership includes participation in quarterly members only events, opportunity to attend regular HCC sponsored information lunches on timely environmental topics and HCC projects, the monthly e-newsletter, and discounts to events.Visit the HCC General Membership page.


Join Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC)!

Emerging Professionals in Conservation is a group of energetic, emerging leaders, supported by Hill Country Conservancy, designed to educate members about environmental issues and outdoor recreational opportunities in Central Texas. EPIC membership includes participation in regular HCC sponsored information lunches on timely environmental topics and HCC projects, hands-on experience activities, networking events, and volunteer opportunities. Participation in the experience activities will without a doubt create a new-found respect for the Texas Hill Country and all that it has to offer. Visit the EPIC Membership page.


Thank you for your love of the Texas Hill Country and the future of this special region!