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“I look for smart organizations that know how to leverage every dollar, and HCC knows how to do that better than any conservation organization I know.”
– Gary Farmer

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Land conservation projects are expensive. Thankfully, much of the money needed to buy conservation easements is provided by voter initiatives and government agencies. But those funding sources do not pay for the manpower needed to find and assess the land and negotiate the agreements. That’s where Hill Country Conservancy comes in.

Donations to HCC fund the labor that’s needed to leverage these public funds into successful conservation projects. Our staff of wildlife scientists, conservation professionals, and real estate experts help landowners, elected officials, and regional planners identify land for conservation projects. Then HCC works with these partners to shepherd the projects through to completion.
We may not have a huge budget, but we’re efficient and we’re effective. Over the last decade, HCC has leveraged $500,000 in staff resources into conservation easements with an appraised value of more than $64,000,000!

Please make a tax-deductible gift today to help Hill Country Conservancy protect open space and the Edwards Aquifer. You may donate any amount as a one-time donation or, if you prefer, you can contribute a smaller amount each month as a recurring donation which you can cancel anytime.

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