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Accreditation: Call for Public Comment

Accreditation: Call for Public Comment

The land trust accreditation program recognizes land conservation organizations that meet national quality standards for protecting important natural places and working lands forever. Hill Country Conservancy is pleased to announce it is applying for accreditation.  A public comment period is now open.

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, conducts an extensive review of each applicant’s policies and programs. Hill Country Conservancy’s organizational goals are increasing awareness of conservation issues and strategic conservation of land and water in the Texas Hill Country. The accreditation process will ensure public confidence and recognition for our organization and our work. Accreditation has already proven to be integral as we fine-tune our policies and streamline our operations, making HCC more effective, more accountable, and ultimately more resilient.

The Commission invites public input and accepts signed, written comments on pending applications. Comments must relate to how Hill Country Conservancy complies with national quality standards. These standards address the ethical and technical operation of a land trust. For the full list of standards see http://www.landtrustaccreditation.org/tips-and-tools/indicator-practices.

To learn more about the accreditation program and to submit a comment, click here.

Comments may also be faxed or mailed to the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, Attn: Public Comments: (fax) 518-587-3183; (mail) 112 Spring Street, Suite 204, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Comments on Hill Country Conservancy’s application will be most useful if provided by October 27th

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