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We are the Hill Country

Open Space is worth a great deal to our thriving community. By telling your story and making a contribution to Hill Country Conservancy this holiday season, you are playing a significant role in protecting the future of Austin’s open spaces and providing unique opportunities to connect with nature and the outdoors – the lifeblood of our wonderful city. With the sum always being greater than its parts, each acre of open space Hill Country Conservancy preserves will continue to protect the greater vision of clean water, wildlife, rural character and scenic vistas that make Central Texas a magical place, thus leaving an inspiring legacy for generations to enjoy- forever.
Read inspiring stories from our supporters and members of your community below and tell us your story for a chance to be listed on our website (and receive a special gift)!

Lee Leffingwell

lee leffingwell
Mayor, City of Austin
What conservation means to Mayor Leffingwell

Tory Meyer

tory meyer
HCC Board President, Austin Pediatric Surgery
What conservation means to Tory

George Cofer

Hill Country Conservancy
What conservation means to George

Matt Curtis

matt curtis
Government Relations Guru
What conservation means to Matt

Mikael Behrens

Nalle Bunny Run Docent
What conservation means to Mikael

Cary Dupuy

cary dupuy
Emerging Professionals in Conservation
What conservation means to Cary

Hill Abell & Laura Agnew

hill and laura
Bicycle Sport Shop
What conservation means to Hill & Laura

Rose Cardona

rose cardona
Mayor, Sunset Valley
What conservation means to Rose

Laurie Loew

laurie loew
Give Realty
What conservation means to Laurie

Lauren Kelleher

San Luis Spirits
What conservation means to Lauren

Denton Ragland

Ragland Ranch
What conservation means to Denton

Ryan Satterfield

Eagle Scout
What conservation means to Ryan