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Our People

HCC Staff

We are fortunate to have such a talented, dedicated, and diverse team that works daily to increase awareness and raise funding for hill country conservation.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of conservation champions who steer the Hill Country Conservancy mission and forge valuable connections. They are a diverse group of leaders who have proven their ability to understand the important environmental issues we address.

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Strategic Partners

These organizations provide the foundation on which Hill Country Conservancy is built and are representative of the best of the environmental and business communities in Austin. Each organization recognizes the importance of conserving land to preserve our quality of life, natural resources, rural heritage and economy.

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Conservation Transfer Fee Partners

These organizations contribute to Hill Country Conservancy at each home closing to support our land conservation projects throughout the Hill Country.

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EPIC Leadership Council

Emerging Professionals in Conservation (EPIC) is a program for energetic, emerging leaders, who share a love for open space. The EPIC Leadership Council plays a valuable role in the program by providing ideas for outings, helping to secure presenters for lunch and learns, chairing EPIC/HCC committees, and voting on behalf of the general membership as to how funds raised by EPIC should be allocated. The Leadership Council board also represents EPIC members through interaction with the HCC board and interfacing with community leaders.

Meet the EPIC Leadership Council